Privacy Policy

Internet is a very powerful and useful medium and tool, but despite spammers, hackers and other people who abuse the openness of this cyber environment and users' personal information, you need to be sure about respecting your privacy.

Due to its social nature, manotoi has provided a platform for healthy communication, exchange of information and thoughts of users.
In this site, users can engage in their virtual social activities with their membership. We have designed our website for visitors in such a way that it is not necessary to enter personal information and users can fill in the information at their own will. Users should note that the maintenance of private information is their responsibility and this responsibility will not be directed to the network administrators. Therefore, the activity based on the rules will make it more stable. (see rules)

What kind of information is collected?
When you visit our site, the server collects basic information about you, including your ISP, the time you accessed the site, the pages you visited in manotoi, which are not your personal information and only to prevent Fraud or abuse of the system is required. We can also use cookies at the same time, which are small pieces of information that each website can save in a specific file (on your computer). Cookies give the website the opportunity to communicate with you in a completely personal way. By collecting and retrieving information about you, the website can change its performance in line with your needs, interests and things that are not desired by you. Many web browsers allow you to control the use of cookies (please refer to your browser for instructions on how to do this). If you have disabled cookies, keep in mind that you will not be able to fully use the site's personalization features, and it is possible that some of the site's components may not work properly or operate at a lower speed.

How do we use user information?
The primary information collected about the user is used to help us analyze the website traffic, improve the content and improve the quality of manotoi services. In our website there may be links that belong to other sites, sites that may be managed by companies that are not related to us and are placed in manotoi for advertising purposes. We are not responsible for the privacy or the contents of such websites and we suggest you to read the pages related to respecting the privacy of users, which every reputable site should have an example of, to make sure that the policies of the sites are followed by you. are accepted The declaration of respect for the privacy of users is exclusively related to the information collected by that site.

How to protect your profile, posts and personal information?
To protect your profile, posts and personal information that are publicly (default), you can use the provisions considered in manotoi and prevent the access of guest users, search engines and people who do not follow you. Blocked profile and friend list contents. It should be noted that all transmissions (except private messages) can be controlled by the network administrators and if the rules are not followed, the user's account will be blocked.

How we protect confidential information such as passwords?
The password of each person in manotoi is considered as his privacy. Your password in manotoi is stored in the database after encryption and none of the administrators have access to it. In manotoi, there are arrangements for secure login and a tool to choose a suitable password.