● The text of this agreement belongs to manotoi and all copyrights are reserved.

A- Membership condition:

By subscribing to the manotoi site, you confirm that you have read the text of this agreement before registering and that you agree to it.

manotoi services are for people over 14 years old and by joining this site, users confirm that they are over 14 years old.

B - Private information:

● Users should not post information that they think is sensitive on the Internet. manotoi does not accept responsibility for the misuse of this information.

● Users' email addresses are not publicly visible and we do not disclose users' emails to any other person, group or company.

● User information is kept confidential, except for the part of the information that is normally visible by the site software.

● Users are not allowed to publish other people's confidential information, hateful, pornographic, immoral or illegal content on this site.

● Under no circumstances is manotoi liable for damages incurred as a result of trusting and relying on the information posted on this site or transmitted by this site.

● manotoi also accepts no responsibility for the loss of information contained on this site.

● manotoi considers itself authorized to control the content that is publicly posted on the site, but does not consider itself obligated to do so. The responsibility for all content posted on the site rests with the user who posted the information, and users should not post inappropriate content on this site.

C - Terms of use:

● manotoi can change any part of this contract at any time. The text of the contract is always visible on the site. If you disagree with this agreement at any time, you can delete your account.

● Amounts deposited by site users under the title of user account conversion or point purchase, etc. to the bank account of manotoi site will not be refunded in any way, these funds will be spent on maintenance and current expenses of the site.

● manotoi sometimes sends emails to inform users of important content (receiving messages in the inbox, requesting to be added to friends list, etc.). Users hereby consent to the receipt of such emails.

● If you have forgotten your password, you can get it using the 'Forgot your password' link. The site administrators will not send this information manually.

● The manotoi site can remove the membership of the offending users or block their account if they observe a violation of the site rules. manotoi does not consider itself obliged to explain the cause of these cases.

● Disclaimer: manotoi provides the present service as it is and without any commitment. We have no obligation to ensure that the site is not disconnected, that it is free of bugs, and that bugs are fixed or that it meets the needs of users.

● The site has a support section, but no commitment is given to the speed of response, non-response to questions, etc. due to the volume of calls. This service is provided in addition to help users and only includes technical and business issues related to the site and its goals.

D. Intellectual property rights:

● The use of the content placed on this site is not allowed elsewhere. In particular, users' personal information, photos and related content can not be used in any place other than this site.

● All software content, innovations and designs of manotoi site belong to this site and all their rights belong to this site.

● manotoi is allowed to use in any way the content on the site that does not legally belong to another person or publication or organization (for example, to display them selectively in another part of the site).

● Any purchase or sale of points by site users in any way is considered a violation and the account of violating users will be blocked immediately.

● Using the manotoi site for commercial, advertising and marketing purposes, such as sending a private message to users or placing advertising content on the site in the form of photos, links and the like is prohibited. To advertise on this site, you can be informed about the conditions of advertising on the site by contacting the support department.

Terms of Use manotoi

● The rules governing manotoi are as follows:
(In case of any violation of the rules of the site, you can report the violation to the site management through the links that have been placed in different sections of the site for this purpose.)

A- Laws related to all members:

1- Expressing different opinions is allowed with respect to the intellectual and moral principles of others and by avoiding insults and obscenities.

2- It is forbidden to use words or pictures that are against moral and religious customs.

3- Obscene, defamatory, insulting and immoral content or disrespect to cultural and religious sanctities will not be accepted in any of the manotoi discussions.

4- It is not permissible to tell jokes that lead to insulting others or ugly jokes that are against morals.

5. Threats, harassment, encroachment and attack on the rights of others are strictly prohibited.

6- Offering or encouraging any kind of political and illegal activity is prohibited.

7- Since this site is social, scientific, cultural and artistic, no political and controversial discussions are allowed in it.

8. The use of intelligent robots in manotoi profiles is strictly prohibited

9- Placing telephone (mobile) and ID numbers and the like in different parts of the site is prohibited.

10- Any intrusion and seizure in the system and script of the site, as well as finding and constructing solutions to cause disruption and technical, financial and financial damage to the site is strictly prohibited and the violator will be dealt with.

11- Advertising of cigarettes, drugs, alcoholic beverages and the like on the site is prohibited and the account of the offending user is blocked.

12- Advertising any proxy, anti-filter and similar software on the site will be prohibited and the violator will be dealt with legally.

13- Placing bank card numbers on the site in any way, such as collecting financial aid, etc., is prohibited and the account of the offending user will be blocked.

● Users who disregard the above rules will be blocked by the site administration.

B- Rules for confirming photos:

● Profile pictures, forums, blogs, album photos, etc. should not be part of any of the following:

- Scary and terrifying

- Blood and bleeding

- Suicide and murder

- Unethical

- Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.

 - Low and inappropriate coverage

- Porn

- Political and religious (use other than profile picture is allowed)

- Logos of public and private institutions and bodies (use other than profile picture is allowed)

- Photos of political and religious officials and personalities (use other than profile picture is allowed)

- Photos of others (other users of the site)

C- Laws related to manotoi managers and managers of groups and associations:

● The duties of managers are defined according to the following rules:

1- Controlling and reviewing all the contents in different topics in order to comply with the rules of the manotoi site.

2- Warning and warning to people who have violated these rules of the site for the first time.

3- Deleting content that is contrary to the rules of the manotoi site.

4 - Blocking people who, after receiving the warning, continue to write content that violates the rules of the site manotoi.

● If there are multiple violations, the management of the groups or associations will be outsourced or they may be removed.